Gift Guide

It is less than a week until Christmas, so everyone is probably done with shopping for presents. However here is a list of things I have admired while looking for presents for loved ones and thought I’d share in case someone still needs last minute inspiration. And these gifts would be great any time of the year for a special occasion.
I love all the festive cheer and spirit here in Colorado and I wish I had lots of money to spend to treat myself and my family and friends!

For Her

For Her Gift Guide

Birthstone Necklace. Charm Mini Lipsticks. Glass Nail File. Christmas Jumpsuit. Handmade Spa Collection for Face. iPhone Wood Case. Cashmere Eye Mask

For Him

For Him Gift Guide

Multi Tool Pocket Knife. iPhone Docking Station. Swiss Army Hunstman Pocket Knife. Tommy Hilfiger Knitter Tie. Kiehls Grooming Kit. Tartan Mug. Shaving Brush

Baby, Toddler & Kiddo

baby, toddler, kids gift guide

Arrow Baseball Tee. Arrow Raglan Pullover. Wooden Car Toy. Green Toys Tool Set.Green Toys Tea Set. Soft Toy. Toddler Harem Leggings

Christmas Crafts for Kids DIY Santa Sleigh Gift Wrap

Christmas Crafts for Kids

I found this idea to make sleighs with peppermint candy and use them as gift wrapping on Pinterest and though it’d be a fun Christmas craft project to get Maya involved. It is super fun and easy to make.

Maya was more interested in pulling the gift ribbon and eating the peppermint candy sticks than helping me but I didn’t expect much from a toddler.
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Vitamin C Serum by Valentia Skin Care

Vitamin C Antioxidant skin care

My philosophy for skin care routine is to use an antioxidant treatment or moisturizer regularly. I have been buying an antioxidant moisturiser for years now and have no intention of changing this habit. Our skin is exposed to a lot of toxins, especially if using a lot of makeup, that and antioxidant skin care is crucial.

I got thrilled when I discovered the Vitamin C Antioxidant Treatment by Valenita Skin Care. It was a real treat I got myself that I am very pleased with. The serum is based on many antioxidant ingredients including rosehip oil and green tea. They all have anti wrinkle effect and boost the antioxidant efficiency of the Vitamin C on the skin. Apart from attacking all the toxins on the skin of the face the Vitamin C serum evens the skin tone to boost glow and radiance. It gets rid of dark spots and leaves skin really bright.
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Happy Thanksgiving!

Thanksgiving Maya

The last couple of months have been a total whirlwind! We were away for a whole month visitng friends in London and family in Bulgaria, we moved to a new place and I started a few more freelancing projects, it has all been difficult to juggle. I also had to quickly find someone to look after Maya until she starts back at day care. So it has been a real craziness.

But there is one little person who although is the biggest reason for my crazy life is the one that puts the biggest meaning to it all. My little baby is now 20 months and I am counting those months in disbelief. Has she really grown up so much? And when?
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Knit a Circle Clutch

Circle Knitted Clutch

How boring would it be if I talked about a knit clutch yet again?

I am currently on a trip to Europe visiting friends and family across England and Bulgaria and haven’t had much time to write posts. As I had this pattern lined up I thought why not share it now while I am too busy having a rest to actually blog.

So back to my newly finished knitting project.
I love making clutches. They are an easy project yet very enjoyable!
I found this lovely pattern through Pinterest. A great post with clear instructions on how to knit a circle. Very easy and fun to make. I wasn’t sure what I would make out of it but thought I’d give it a try. After I finished the circle I looked at it and thought it would make a pretty and unusual bag, either by folding it in half for a small clutch or knit another one and join two circles together. Well, that is my next project. This time I simply folded the circle, lined with a fabric and used a zip closure.
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Palette 2 Fruit Snack

Fruit Colors

Since Maya is a big fruit eater I thought I’d do a palette with some of her favourite fruit snacks. This is what we would always have in stock at the house.

Almonds are not part of Maya’s menu just yet but they looked great among all these fruits so I thought they would bring a nice warm colour.

Palette 2 - Fruit Snack