How to Make Yarn Tassels

Yarn Tassel DIY Tutorial

Yarn Tassel DIY Tutorial

Making tassels is great fun. In fact it is much more fun and much easier than making yarn pompoms and are just as pretty and just as perfect for any knitting or DIY project. I recently made a ton of yarn tassels for a nursery decoration and thought it’d be good to share a tutorial. I used left over yellow yarn as I had lots of it and the colour was perfect for the decoration I wanted. But you can go as creative as you want and mix a variety of colours. I will do another tutorial on how to mix yarns for colourful tassels. This craft project is also great to do with kids. You can do the scissors and hook part and let them do the rest.

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Hand Knit Baby Dress With Daisies

Hand Knit Baby Dress with Daisies

A few months ago Maya’s grandma hand knit this lovely baby dress with embroidered daisies. I dressed Maya in it for her first birthday home photoshoot and realised I never shared details about this dress. In fact her grandma, who is an expert knitter, hand knit quite a few other beautiful things for Maya and I never shared details about any of these. Well, I will soon post some more pictures of hand knit stuff!
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Revlon Illuminance Eye Shadow Palette

Revlon Illuminance Eye Shadow Palette

I sometimes do get lucky to sneak to the beauty section in Target. This is after the usual, compulsory check-ins at the diaper and baby clothes aisles. A few weeks ago I got even luckier and treated myself to a lovely eye shadow palette from Revlon and their Illuminance collection. I am not sure how long they had this collection for but there some lovely colour sets to choose from. I went for the Not Just Nudes palette which has an ombre pattern and the colours graduate from light beige to brown. I am a big fan of such neutral, warm make up colours for spring and summer. I like the soft and gentle look you can create with them.
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Weekend Links

Peaches Fruit

OK, this regular post has been missing a couple of weeks but here it comes again with some really interesting things. I have read some truly inspirational articles and here is what I’ve been loving on the web the most.
Happy Weekend!

Gotta be cruel to be kind If you are a parent I suggest you read this! There is a lot you can relate to and a lot to learn.

Here is a funny post about hiking with toddlers. I like the sunglasses part. This is the reason I rarely put my sunglasses on these days!

Again from the lovely Mile High Mamas blog a truly inspirational post! Lessons in gratitude

I thought we did something brave by moving from London to Denver but here is a much braver story about a family of soon to be six moving from Colorado to Saudi Arabia. Highly recommend you read it!

As I am trying to enter the world of photography this was a very interesting perspective to read!

Everyone will be cheated on – a great interview with the lovely Cameron Diaz on Stylist Magazine

I am such a fan of baby play gyms and I had a couple that came as present when Maya was born. She doesn’t need one anymore but I love this idea of DIY Play Gym. And It uses pompoms! How cool is that! Maybe for next baby!

I am knitting a set of pillows at the moment inspired by this pretty ones. More details soon!

I am also really inspired to knit something in a similar scallop pattern. I have no idea what it says here in this post but the baby hat is very pretty!

I really like this home, especially flowers in the bathroom. Great inspiration for my dream house!

Moisturising And Cleansing Face Mask With Cocoa

Cocoa Face Mask Recipe

Here is a quick and easy deep cleansing and moisturising face mask. It is one of my favourite and I tend to use it at least once a week or more during the winter months when my skin gets really dehydrated. It contains olive oil and egg whites which really nourish and hydrate the skin. Use can use it when you feel your skin really needs more moisture and thorough, deep cleansing. I wouldn’t recommend it for oily skin types.

The main ingredient in this mask is the cocoa powder which has a number of benefits for the skin and I absolutely love it. It contains vitamins A, B and E and is rich in minerals such as magnesium and zinc. It is a real booster for the skin and I use a lot of products with cocoa and cocoa powder.
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Learning to Walk

Maya Learning to Walk

Maya has been doing a lot of standing on her own lately and has been pretty good at walking around while holding on the the edge of the bed, but is still scared to let go. I have been trying to nurture her by holding her on the hands while she attempts to walk but she would move her foot once and sit down on the floor. I think Maya is just still too scared to try walking on her own. But watching her do that is one of the cutest thing ever!
The traditional walker that we had for her did not help her much so I decided to buy a push toy. There are tons of different ones but as a big fan of wooden toys I got the Melissa & Doug Chomp and Clack Alligator Walker. It has three alligators at the front which move and clack while the baby pushes the toy. It could be a bit annoying for the parents but it’s good fun. This is probably one of the best things I have got for Maya and is the best toy to develop movement skills and teach babies to walk. So she has been really good with it and absolutely loves it. We use it a lot at home but I have also taken it with us to the park.
Here is a little photoshoot I did with Maya and her push toy at our local tennis court.
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First Birthday Party at The Ceylon Pearl Tea House

Maya's first birthday party

I was very happy to discover Ceylon Pearl Tea house a few weeks after we moved to Denver and our new flat. They are only 10 minutes away walking so me and Maya have been regulars for the last six months and we absolutely love this place. Actually, a write up about them is long overdue! They serve the best tea on Denver which is grown and cultivated in their own plantations in Sri Lanka. There is abundance of tea varieties to suit any taste, from jasmine green tea to raspberry black tea there are tons of flavours and tastes to choose from. As a proper tea house there is a rich variety of cakes and sweets also, some of which are homemade by local Denver businesses. To say that I recommend you visit this place is the least I can do to show how much we love it and love going there. The people of Ceylon Pearl are one of the friendliest and most welcoming I have ever met and I can honestly say I have made them real and close friends. So you now know about Ceylon Pearl, be sure to go there!

Having said all of the above it was only natural that we celebrated Maya’s first birthday at the Ceylon Pearl. It was a really nice baby party with lots of toys, sandwiches, cakes and balloons and a big mess of course! The lovely people of Ceylon Pearl took charge of everything and I am super pleased at how it all turned out to be. They decorated with balloons, ordered the cakes and the sandwiches, laid the table and the baby play area, cleaned and heated the place to be baby proved, and happily agreed to clean after their mess too! It was all pinky, baby girly and very cute! I think all the babies, mums and dads had a great time.

Here are some pictures from that day!
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First Birthday Present

Aquamarine Bracelet

Last week was Maya’s first birthday. The toys and baby clothes that we buy on a daily basis to me seemed less worthy for a first birthday present. I wanted to get something for Maya that would have an emotional value for her later. I wanted to give her something that she would remember and would have for keeps.
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A Good Year

Maya One Year Old

I want time to stop! I want time to slow down!

From the moment I found out I was pregnant to my daughter’s first birthday time seems to have gone in a second! It is true that the days are long but the years are short. I look at pictures of Maya’s first hours after coming into this world and pictures throughout her first months and pictures I have only taken the other day. She has grown up so much, changed so much from a wrinkled newborn to a sweet little toddler and yet she is exactly the same as when I first saw her when the doctors pulled her out. She is exactly that sweet baby who didn’t want to cry at first but wanted to look around with her big curious eyes. She is exactly the same little nap skipper who demanded to be held all the time during her first few weeks. I wonder if I would ever look at her and see a grown up kid, a teenager, an adult or I would always look at Maya as that same tiny newborn in the hospital room.

Happy Birthday my sweet little baby!
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