Weekend Links

Weekend Links

We are living the first ever real summer since 10 years! I take Maya to the park to enjoy the swings, run after the doggies and the geese, picking up grass and mess up with the send. We eat organic fruit and veg from farmers’ markets, drink cold milk and wear our real summer clothes. We’d go picnic during the weekend somewhere in the mountains in an attempt to escape the heath.

And since it has been a while, here are a few things I’ve found quite interesting on the internet:

How our restaurant begaviour has changed since 2004? Read this article! It made me nostalgic for the pre- facebook-twitter-blogging-smart-technology times.

A clever and talented guy built a website to track data for himself. It is a real beautiful web experience and inspiration.

Since I love visual graphics here is a real cool one by The New York Times- how fan loyalty changed throughout the World Cup.

The lovely Mile High Mamas blog published a wonderful article talking about busy mums and self care. Check it out, it is inspirational.

Do you sometimes put nursery rhymes from YouTube on so that your kids can enjoy? Have you ever heard a song that doesn’t quite sound appropriate for kids? I have! Many times! The Londonist published a post with children rhymes depicting death and ruin.

If you are a parent who allows sleepovers, read this article!

What do babies think?

Trying to entertain your little one every day, hour, minute? I do! And it is exhausting. Let me explain summer to you- read this post, it will help you out!

Wishing all a happy weekend!

Knitting Pattern a Clutch

Knitted Pouch

I rarely find time for my favourite hobby these days but here is a finished project that I am very fond of. This is a tiny clutch/bag which was inspired by a barrette pattern I made a few years ago. Turning barrettes upside down will make a really sweet hand knit bag and with a little fancy and imagination it can look even sweeter.

This is a very easy project and can be adapted to make a larger bag. The final project of this pattern is the size of a baby hat. Choose a darker colour or a more sophisticated yarn to make an evening clutch or some funny colours to make a little purse for a little lady.
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How to Knit an i Cord

Knitted I Cord

I realised it’s been a while since I posted about current knitting projects. That’s because hot weather and sunshine do not go well together with staying at home to knit. I did however work on two great knitted mini bags I am going to share details soon. For both of those projects I used a knitted cord to make the bag handles. So I though it’d be useful to share a little tutorial on how to knit this I cord.

Knitted cords are great for bag handles as well as edgings to handmade pillows, garments, etc. They are also great fun to knit
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Brighten up Your Look

Pixi by Petra eye pencil

A while ago I watched a great video tutorial for a quick brightening makeup by Lisa Eldridge. For this look she used a lovely lavender colour eye pencil by Chanel. Applying such a colour on the water line has a nice brightening effect on your look. This seemed to me the perfect solution for all my sleepless nights back then, (Maya is being good and is giving me good night sleep). That particular colour used in the video is now discontinued but I found a great alternative by Pixi by Petra brand. Pixi by Petra have a great range of eye pencils called Endless Silky Eye Pen. They are really soft and very easy to apply and have really nice colours. The number 9- Oyster Glow will work just great for a really quick brightening makeup. It is a long lasting pencil so will sure last you for the whole day. It goes with pretty much any colour makeup but I almost always use natural, nude colours. I absolutely love this pencil and think mums can greatly benefit from its brightening abilities to cover all sleep deprivation signs.

Kids Art Studio Diy Kite

DIY Kite

Here is yet another post related to my crafts for kids obsession. I love keeping little ones busy with arts and crafts and making their little minds use their creativity. Since it is summer here in Colorado I wanted to make a kite for Maya to play with outside. Although kites are for more grown up kids she enjoyed watching me do it and loves seeing it fly so this diy is suitable for toddlers too.
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Kids Art Studio Fathers Day Card

Father's Day DIY Card

I should have made an effort to post this before Father’s Day but I really did not get a chance to do it. My time is so crazy at the moment and I feel Pettily is suffering a lot from this. But although this is coming a bit late, I hope some of you would still find it useful.

A few days before Father’s Day I took Maya to an arts studio to make a lovely greeting card for her daddy. It is very easy to make and is perfect for kids of all ages. Although I did help Maya finish hers, I think she really enjoyed being involved in the process.
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