Flying With A Toddler

Long Haul Flight Tips when Flying with a Toddler

flying with a toddler

I know that this topic has already been covered a lot. Many moms write wonderful and very useful tips on how to handle travelling with babies, toddlers and little kids. My favourite blog on this topic is Delicious Baby. If you are planning a trip with your little ones definitely check it out, it is packed with useful information.

In October we made a really long trip from Denver through London to Sofia, Bulgaria. Maya was 18 months old. I am not sure if there is anything new that I can add to this topic but since I have the experience of flying with a toddler on multiple flights including a long haul one, I would like to share my own thoughts and tips.
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Kids Art Studio St Valentine Love Bug Hat

how to make a love bug hat

Me and Maya made a pretty love bug hat as part of our St Valentine craft studio. It is a great fun project for kids to make.

Bug hats are great art projects for kids of all ages. You can go very creative in what you use to make them and end up with a really fancy art creation. Since Maya is still little we used very simple stuff to make it quick and easy craft.
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Knit IPhone Case Pattern

knit iPhone case pattern

This is an easy knit iPhone case pattern that is simple to follow so that even a beginner can complete it.
I have been doing a lot of knitting lately and have a few projects and patterns to share with you. What you’d imagine is going to be easy to do, knitting a case for a new iPhone, actually turned to be a really daunting task. I mean, all you need to do is knit a solid block of fabric without any shaping and sew the seems, right?
I had a number of ideas in my head to use for a knit iPhone case pattern but every time I completed a project it just didn’t fit or seem right.
Finally I found the reversible mock cable stitch. It is very pretty knit and purl stitch that will look great for a lot of knitted projects.
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Homemade Beauty Mask For Face And Hair

beauty mask for face and hair

Happy New Year to all!

I hope it is a better one for all of us! For me it starts with some frustrating issues I am concerned I am not going to be able to deal with on time as well as some sad perspectives or rather pessimistic views on some past events.
I strongly hope the New Year turns out to be a lot better than the way it started!

I was pondering for a while on how to start the year in blogging. I was even considering if I should continue blogging at all since I don’t see much return on my efforts. But I love doing it so I thought I’d continue with Prettily. Almost any blogger I follow starts the year with a post about resolutions, dreams and intentions for 2015. But I don’t want to do that. I don’t like making resolutions or plans anymore. I know what my goals are and what it takes to achieve them and if I manage to do so that’s great. But if I fail somewhere in the middle and have to stop for whatever reason I don’t want to feel guilty by looking at a resolutions list.

Anyway, this post is supposed to be for beauty so let’s keep it this way! I thought I’ll kick of blogging in 2015 by sharing a recipe for a mask I’ve been doing for the last couple of months. It uses all natural ingredients that are good for both hair and face, even body, so feel free to make use of it as you see fit and as your beauty needs require.
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(non) Weekend Links

Weekend Links

I wasn’t planning to publish anything before the holidays are all over since it is crazy in my house. But I found some great articles and information about New Year’s Eve and celebrations so I thought let’s get down to write a post and share it all.

When New Year’s Eve is just around the corner I would usually start thinking of sparkling, gorgeous dresses and a stylish way of celebration. It never happens… Especially now with a little toddler my dream of style and glamour on New Year’s Eve seems “another-worldly”. But the world is a better place with my daughter around so I won’t complain.
New Year’s is also the time I would usually get into a little blues of all the things I have wanted to do in the past year and never had the chance, but also a time of hope that the New Year is going to be better.
Anyways, I would probably do another post with some emotions about hope and regret which I always feel at the end of the year.

But for now, here are some fun things I have enjoyed reading, mostly New Year’s Eve related.

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas! Hope you’ve been good and Santa brought you what you asked for!

There are some great suggestions here and here for New Year’s Eve parties in the Denver area that are family and kid friendly!

Here is a great list of New Year’s Eve party games ideas with clear instructions. You can filter the type of game you are looking for, get the instructions and start playing!

We are passed Christmas already but this is a great read nonetheless!

This isn’t necessarily New Year’s Eve related, but since I have a number of friends expecting new arrivals in the New Year, I thought I want to share this very inspiring read! -“There is no failure in childbirth. You created life and delivered a beautiful baby into this world. How you medically did that, doesn’t matter.”- Read the whole story!

Take a look at this list of New Year’s Eve party dresses! Aren’t they all gorgeous! I love the idea of dressing up!

Also from the lovely lady of Honey Kenedy is this list of champagne coupes, glasses and flutes! I love them all!

If I would have a New Year’s Eve party at my home I’d love to have one of these luxury placemats sets from Neiman Marcus.

If you’d like a good look make up watch this video! The tutorial is by the amazing Lisa Eldridge for a dinner date make up. It is so classy and so perfect for a New Year’s Eve!

I love all the colours from the Ciate Mini Paint Nail Polish and Effects collection. All of them would add glamour to your New Year’s Eve look!