Knit Elegant Clutch

Knit Elegant Clutch Woven Cable Stitch

I have been working for a long time to complete this clutch. I found the pattern on Craft Foxes but got stuck to figure out the Woven Cable stitch. It is a really fun cable to knit and has a great texture effect. I absolutely love it. But this was the first time I worked with this stitch and it got a little tricky. Result is that I am a real master of the Woven stitch now and am very willing to knit a project entirely in this stitch.
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Name Labels For Kids From Kidecals

There are a lot of things I learnt along the way after becoming a mum. Funny, but before I had never heard of pretty designed name labels that can be attached to kids’ belongings. When Maya started day care and I had to label her things, I bought plain white labels from the nearest stationery and wrote her name with a marker. Nothing fancy. And boring.

But when Kidecals contacted me and offered a trial of their label service I got hooked on cute toddler name labels. They offer all sorts of fun stuff with a wide range of colours, shapes and designs to keep kids happy.

Kidecals Name Labels for Kids
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Berries Smoothie

Frozen Berries Smootie

The smoothie season is over I know! It’s time to make pumpkin spice anything rather then drink frozen fruit. But I am not ready to say Good Bye to summer. Not yet! And it’s still pretty warm here.
A while ago I bought a bag of frozen berries and stuck them in the freezer only to forget that they are there. A big waste since it’s a bag of organic locally Colorado grown berries. I took the bag today to make a delicious smoothie, just what I needed to enjoy during the couple of hours I have for myself while Maya naps.

Frozen Berries Smootie

What you need:
A cup of frozen berries (any of your choice)
A cup of whole milk (I never drink anything like reduced or 0 fat milk, but feel free to use whatever kind of milk you like)
One tbsp whipping cream
One tbsp coconut butter
Two tbsp whole milk plain yoghurt
A little honey to sweeten (optional)

Place all the ingredients in a blender and, well, blend! Blend until the mixture is smooth and if you have to use more milk do so!

Pour in a glass, put a straw and enjoy!

Kids Arts Studio Paper Vase And Flowers

Paper vase and flowers

I was looking at a glass vase with some really pretty flowers when I got the inspiration for this paper art project. I thought it’d be great to recreate a vase and flower arrangement with paper and get kids involved in colouring, shaping and flower arrangement.

The only thing that went slightly wrong in this project was that I used the same weight paper for both vase and flowers. So when I try to make it stay upright it tilts on one side. We put it on the fireplace rack and it leans on the wall to stay as it is.

The paper for the vase has to be significantly heavier than the paper you use for the flowers. Maybe even a cardboard would be best. Which adds yet another dimension for this project since a cardboard is open to a lot of decoration and creativity.
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Diy Whipped Body Butter Recipe

DIY Whipped Body Butter Recipe

I tried to make a whipped body butter a couple of months ago after finding this very popular recipe on Rawmazing. My first attempt was poor and resulted in a complete waste of coconut oil. Frankly I did not follow the exact instructions in the recipe so I thought I’d give it a second shot. Well, I never usually follow the exact instructions for any recipe I find. This was true for the second time I tried making whipped body butter but luckily it turned out great! So I thought I’d share my experience too.
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Weekend Links

weekend links

Here is what I have been loving on the internet lately

Why creative people function better in a clutter. Great read!

The Ice Bucket Challenge video that went viral! is a great website to create a personalised book for your child!

Is there such a thing as a good psychopath? Read this!

If you are refrigerating your butter stop right now! Here is why!

A great read about the unschooling movement!

I want this necklace and these shoes.

I want to make this sour cherry shake!

Have a great weekend!

Sole Eating

Baby eating on her own

I have seen babies a lot younger than Maya who feed themselves on their own. It is my fault she never picked that skill earlier. I didn’t let her eat by herself because I was dreading the mess she would leave behind. But since she started day care two days a week she started eating by herself pretty quickly and in fact now doesn’t let me feed her at all. I was frustrated at the beginning having to deal with yet another cleaning after her but now I really enjoy watching her feed herself and find it great fun.

Maya is a toddler and mess is what toddlers do. I think I am coming to peace with it and now actually enjoy her messes. She is the sweetest thing ever and watching her grow and learn new skills every day is as exciting and amazing as can be.

This is her breakfast cereal all over her face!
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