Palette n1 i Love You Little One


I have seen a number of bloggers to share their own colour palette inspirations. Colours taken from a favourite photo or a simple arrangement of favourite colour shades would make a great colour theme for a wedding, baby shower, baby nursery, etc.

I have been planning to start creating my own palettes for a while. The idea was inspired not only from other blogs I read but after looking at some of Maya’s colourful toys which have amazing colour combinations. I think combining colours from her favourite toys, books and outfits would be great to theme with her nursery, shoes, photographs etc. It is just a great way to find inspiration and ideas.

One of the books she enjoys a lot to look at is the lovely I Love You Little One by Nancy Tafuri. It has really pretty illustrations and beautiful colour tones.


My first palette is inspired from the cover illustration and I named the palette after the book.

Colour Palette


Maya 16 months

My sweet baby recently turned 16 months! I know I say this every time but where the hell did these 16 months go? What is going on? From the day she turned one to now four months later it seems like the days just flew as quick as a space racket. Yet so much has happened since then.
Maya was close to her 13 month birthday when she finally took her first real steps. It took her longer to take off than most of the babies we hang out with, but she took walking like duck to water. She literally took her first steps one day and was running wild the day after. Unstoppable.
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Let’s Inspire Young Minds

Kids arts and crafts

I’ve been trying to involve Maya in as many crafty activities as possible although she is still too young to understand what is it that I am doing. But I’ve shown her how to hold a pencil and draw on a paper, how to stick a paper shape on another piece of paper to create a story, how to fill shapes with colours, etc.

When we are outside we create circles with the rocks, we draw on the sand in the sand box and play with tree leaves. I love doing this sort of stuff with kids and if I was a little younger I would “requalify” to be a kids arts teacher.

I would love to see ideas from other mums and bloggers out there on how to engage little ones with arts and crafts activities.

So here is yet another linky party dedicated to inspiring young minds to innovate, invent and create through arts, crafts and play.

Please link up your arts, crafts, play, imagination, inspiration posts below. I will read and share all of them!

Weekend Links

Weekend Links

We are living the first ever real summer since 10 years! I take Maya to the park to enjoy the swings, run after the doggies and the geese, picking up grass and mess up with the send. We eat organic fruit and veg from farmers’ markets, drink cold milk and wear our real summer clothes. We’d go picnic during the weekend somewhere in the mountains in an attempt to escape the heath.

And since it has been a while, here are a few things I’ve found quite interesting on the internet:

How our restaurant begaviour has changed since 2004? Read this article! It made me nostalgic for the pre- facebook-twitter-blogging-smart-technology times.

A clever and talented guy built a website to track data for himself. It is a real beautiful web experience and inspiration.

Since I love visual graphics here is a real cool one by The New York Times- how fan loyalty changed throughout the World Cup.

The lovely Mile High Mamas blog published a wonderful article talking about busy mums and self care. Check it out, it is inspirational.

Do you sometimes put nursery rhymes from YouTube on so that your kids can enjoy? Have you ever heard a song that doesn’t quite sound appropriate for kids? I have! Many times! The Londonist published a post with children rhymes depicting death and ruin.

If you are a parent who allows sleepovers, read this article!

What do babies think?

Trying to entertain your little one every day, hour, minute? I do! And it is exhausting. Let me explain summer to you- read this post, it will help you out!

Wishing all a happy weekend!

Knitting Pattern a Clutch

Knitted Pouch

I rarely find time for my favourite hobby these days but here is a finished project that I am very fond of. This is a tiny clutch/bag which was inspired by a barrette pattern I made a few years ago. Turning barrettes upside down will make a really sweet hand knit bag and with a little fancy and imagination it can look even sweeter.

This is a very easy project and can be adapted to make a larger bag. The final project of this pattern is the size of a baby hat. Choose a darker colour or a more sophisticated yarn to make an evening clutch or some funny colours to make a little purse for a little lady.
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How to Knit an i Cord

Knitted I Cord

I realised it’s been a while since I posted about current knitting projects. That’s because hot weather and sunshine do not go well together with staying at home to knit. I did however work on two great knitted mini bags I am going to share details soon. For both of those projects I used a knitted cord to make the bag handles. So I though it’d be useful to share a little tutorial on how to knit this I cord.

Knitted cords are great for bag handles as well as edgings to handmade pillows, garments, etc. They are also great fun to knit
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