Good Bye London….


I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone but it’s a fact. I shipped my possessions. I cancelled my bills. I transferred my money. (Not that I have much of any of those.) The remnants of my life are in a suitcase of 23 kg allowance.

I have a one way ticket to Bulgaria later today and a one way ticket to Denver, CO in September. We are moving to America!

This change in our lives is a longed awaited adventure which comes in a slightly inappropriate time. And yet I am so ready and so excited to take on the new live that awaits us there.

London will be hugely missed but I hope to be coming back every now and then!

4 thoughts on “Good Bye London….

  1. vilka

    Ah Stela, it does come at the right time, believe me! We moved to Krakow in Sept. 2010. Buy Feb 2011, we knew that Polish winters are not for us and we started making plans maybe moving to Spain in the end of the year. In May 2011, I found out I was pregnant again! Not planned. I thought: “so much for our moving to Spain”! But we found a way to do it and our boy was born on Spanish turf. :) So embrace the change and keep your senses open! Good luck!

    1. Prettily Post author

      Thank you so much for encouraging me! I am very motivated by how brave you were and strongly hope we’ll do great in our new place! I will keep you posted how we are doing :-)


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