Summer ’13

Maya in the park

The last six weeks or so were mainly about having a good rest and spending more time with my little Maya. I took a long break from the online world which was exactly what I needed. Doing pretty much nothing and absolutely loving it. We had a lovely summer holiday with my parents at my home town. Every morning I would have coffee and breakfast, then feed Maya and we would go to the park for a morning picnic. Then we would go back home for lunch and afternoon nap before we head off to the park for an evening walk. We have also enjoyed a number of short road trips to beautiful countryside areas, organic home grown fruit and veg, children birthday parties, new friends and family gatherings.
Maya has grown so much during this time. She loved everything about our time together in Bulgaria, although the hot weather was a bit of a pain.
Now we are in a exciting preparation for my sister-in-law wedding and our long trip to our new home in America. It’s all so crazy!

Maya & Emo

Nephews organic tomato home garden plum tree




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