Vegetarian Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza

Before I left work to have Maya I had a very idealistic view on maternity. I thought I’d have plenty of time to do cooking, baking, knitting, all sorts of woman stuff that I actually enjoy instead of looking at sites’ source codes and excel sheets with keyword research. I thought I’d go out with other mums for coffee and play dates and I will basically blissfully enjoy life out of work. Well, reality bit me harshly the very first days I came out of hospital with a newborn baby. I was entirely on my own the very first day as my husband had to go back to work and I had no time to make myself coffee or drink water, not to mention cook or bake or knit or even go out!

As time goes on and my newborn is almost 8 months old, I had to face another reality- no, things don’t get easier! Especially if you are entirely on your own like myself. I literally have no more than half an hour a day for myself, I rarely put on make up and taking a shower is a luxury.
But it only takes a smile from my little one’s face and I forget all about that!
Needless to say, time for preparing my own meals and cook dinner is very limited. So if I still want us to eat homemade food I’ll have to stick to recipes that are quick and easy to make.
Making pizza from bread slices is nothing new. But it is such fun and is so easy and so quickly turns your imagination into a warm healthy lunch. I thought I’d share a little recipe for those who haven’t thought about this before.
This is what my lunches look like these days. I get a few slices of bread and put them on a baking tray. I spread tomato puree over, add all my favourite vegetables and sprinkle with cheese and basil. Then bake for a couple of minutes and I’m done! Add a cup of warm tea and here I get a tasty lunch while Maya is asleep.
In the below recipe I have not included any quantities as it is all open to imagination and taste. Hope you’d enjoy!

Bread pizza with spinach

Things you need

Four slices of bread
Tomato puree
Spinach, fresh tomatoes, zucchini, mushrooms
Grated cheddar or Leicester cheese
A sprinkle of basil

And here is what you’d need to do in pictures:

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza


Then bake for 5-10 minutes!

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