Thoughts on Breastfeeding

Fennel Tea

My little Maya went through lots of changes. She moved from London to my home place in Bulgaria where we spent more than a month with my parents and relatives. It all meant new people, new room, new bed, new time zone, new climate. Later we spent two weeks at my husband’s home place which is more than 400km away from my home town. This again meant an entirely new routine. And than we dragged her all the way to Colorado which was a change even bigger than anything she had experienced before. As strong as she had proved to be I can see she is stressed. She cries and wants attention, she wants to be held, she wants me being around her all the time. And it all just gets more and more exhausting and at times I can’t help but yell at her! At this lovely little baby of mine!

Recently I read this post on Mile High Mamas which was a harsh reminder that as tough as these days seem, one day I would probably want them back! Big time!

Thinking of days that I want back, made me write this post on breastfeeding.
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Baby Gap Denim

Since Maya turned 6 months a few days ago I can’t stop looking at pictures since she was a newborn and compare how much she has changed. When she was three months old I took a few pictures of her in a park dressed in my favourite striped body suite from Gap paired with the cutest mint baby denim trousers, also from Gap. She has long outgrown both!
But how cute she looks in this pink denim trousers and dotted denim shirt! Guess what, also from Gap! This, now, is my favourite baby outfit! And just how cute is a baby in jeans? I mean with front and back pockets, and zip element, and everything?

Baby Gap Denim
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Maya Six Months Old

Maya six months old

Yes, that’s right! My little pickle turned 6 months yesterday! I can’t believe how much she has grown! She was such a tiny little thing when we came back from hospital and I can’t believe how much she has changed since then! The past six months were the fastest months in our lives. They were the most tiring, overwhelming and exciting too. I am so excited of what is coming up next and also very sad that time goes by so quickly! I hope we have the wisdom and strength to cherish every moment with this adorable little monster! She already turns around and makes tiny efforts to crawl. She smiles a lot and, ah, how great it feels that she already knows who I am! She also makes her baby sounds, trying to say what she wants and what she feels!
Maya is the best baby I could ask for. She survived a long haul flight, big time difference, some lonely and boring days of me and her being locked in our flat but still gives me good chunks of sleep at night and lots of happy, smiling faces. The best time is to listen to her laughing, it is the best noise ever!
She is something special, no doubt about that! From the tiniest newborn in the hospital to a chubby smiling baby, I can’t wait to see her grow! Happy 6 months my little princess!
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Cow 038 Gate Fruit Pouches

Baby feed discussions are very common between mums. I am asked all the time what does Maya eat and how I am managing her diet. Truth is she has been pretty much only on breast milk. Every now and then I have tried giving her water or freshly squeezed fruit juice only to be confronted by a face expression of total disgust. But as she is approaching six months now, it is not too early to introduce fruit and veg puree in her menu.

A few weeks ago I was sent an exclusive box of the new range of fruit pouches by Cow & Gate to try.

Cow & Gate Fruit Pouches
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Summer 8217;13

Maya in the park

The last six weeks or so were mainly about having a good rest and spending more time with my little Maya. I took a long break from the online world which was exactly what I needed. Doing pretty much nothing and absolutely loving it. We had a lovely summer holiday with my parents at my home town. Every morning I would have coffee and breakfast, then feed Maya and we would go to the park for a morning picnic. Then we would go back home for lunch and afternoon nap before we head off to the park for an evening walk. We have also enjoyed a number of short road trips to beautiful countryside areas, organic home grown fruit and veg, children birthday parties, new friends and family gatherings.
Maya has grown so much during this time. She loved everything about our time together in Bulgaria, although the hot weather was a bit of a pain.
Now we are in a exciting preparation for my sister-in-law wedding and our long trip to our new home in America. It’s all so crazy!
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