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Tips To Get Your Office Wear Right

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1. Never Wear Logo or Office Decor Colours

Being loyal to the company is one thing, going overboard with it, is another. Some people make the mistake of wearing colours that are a part of their companies branding. Worse still, they are those who like to match their clothes to the colours of the walls, interiors and office furniture. The message is clear: in the office, you need to dress to stand out and not blend in. Besides black and white, (a hint of) red, subtle shades.

2. Quality Over Quantity

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Wear clothes that are well-made, fit right and look as good as new.

Oversized clothes will make you look and feel shabby. Clothes that are too tight can be restrictive and highlight areas they shouldn’t. These need to be altered or replaced — especially if they are shirts, jackets, trousers or skirts. Make new purchases look the way they do, even after a season of wearing them. Crease free materials or well-ironed clothes, will always send out ..

3. Be Patriotic, but Don’t Overdo it

While its fine to dress in traditional clothing occasionally, it can’t become your identity.

The more ‘universal you look the better. If you want to be known by your work, skills or intelligence — dress in clothes that are globally accepted as regular office or work wear. Let people judge you by work not by your religion or nationality.

4. Stick to the Uniform

If you wear a uniform — give it the respect it deserves.

Don’t make changes — even small tweaks — to your prescribed look. Always follow the regulation look for what it is. The only way to stand out in the crowd is to keep your uniform looking crisp and well maintained. Ditto for accessories, or the lack of it. This will always give you an edge over your colleagues.

5. No Style Statements

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Work wear needs to look the way it should: smart, sharp and crisp.

Stick to conventions and avoid experimenting with new or passing trends. If you wear them at all, T-shirts (full or half sleeve) should be devoid of tongue in cheek messages.

Similarly, refrain from wearing garments with prominent branding or loud and busy prints. Subtle, simple, fuss free and monotone clothing is ideal.

6. Wearing Casuals 

You need to make a strong distinction here — casual wear is and should look distinctly different from your work and formal wear.

However comfortable, home and leisurewear should never be worn to the office. The debate about wearing jeans to work, has the following conclusion: they should only be worn if you work in an environment (media, arts, advertising) where they are acceptable and that too only if they are plain (black, white or dark blue) and ..

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