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Wardrobe essentials a man needs to own this season

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It’s always good to have some information at the ready in case you’re headed off to a job interview, an important meeting or just want to make a good impression at the office.When shopping for your work wardrobe, bear in mind that everything depends on the dress code.

Whether you’re confused about what to wear this season, how to accessorize or what’s the most appropriate bag to pull off that swag, we’ve got you covered. From the watch to the to the shirt, here’s everything you need in your wardrobe this season:

Shock value

The G-Shock has always been on the cutting edge of digital technology, but this time Casio has taken things quite literally by basing the new 2018 MR-G’s design on the hilt of a traditional Japanese sword. The brand recruited the services of artist Bihou Asano – a restorer of Japanese cultural artefacts – who chose to endow the watch with an elemental metallic finish that looks like it’s been sourced extra-terrestrially. Naturally then, it’s limited to just 350 pieces.

Old’s gold

If you’re looking for a classic print that calls out the luxe manbag you’re carrying while still being classy and understated, nothing trumps the Burberry tartan. Only now, it comes with the addition of bolder colours, like red, to give it a modern, contemporary finish, and in different sizes, to suit your style. Take your pick.

Surf’s up

Call it a Hawaiian shirt. Call it an Aloha shirt. Call it a badass vacation shirt. Whatever you dub these colourful patterned shirts, you need one this season – available in different styles and colours at Selected Homme. Wear it to a party or on holiday and you’ll realise how easy it is to style. Thanks to its boxy, open-collar shape, it looks good on pretty much everyone. Plus, it’s fun. And fun is in demand right now.

New era

America seems to be treating Raf Simons well. It’s been nearly two years since the Belgian design maestro moved from Europe – Dior, specifically – to shake things up at Calvin Klein, and there’s no denying the massive effect he’s already had, from the clothes to the art direction. What was once a house synonymous with only jeans and underwear – which it still does damn well, by the way – is now the hottest high fashion label, thanks to Simons’ covetable aesthetic. Take, for instance, this bold and beauteous collection, inspired by Hollywood cinema and its depictions of both the powerful American dream and nightmare.

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