Unique Handmade Jewellery by Emmielous Handmades

Tree of Life Green Shell Bead Pendant

Here is another write-up of a favourite Etsy shop of mine.

Emmielous Handmades is a unique jewellery shop owned by Emma Clowes. She makes wonderful jewellery pieces to compliment any outfit. I am very fond of her Three of Life collection, a series of beautiful necklaces depicting the form of a tree. Here are some pictures to inspire you and make you head over to her shop!

Tree of Life White Oval Bead Pendant

Tree of Life Black Onyx Semi Precious Chips necklace

Tree of Life Moonstone Necklace

Tree of Life Amethyst And Aventurine Chips Necklace

Tree of Life Amber Necklace

Photos from Emmelious Handmades

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