Meet Prettily


Hi, my name is Stela and I am very happy that you’ve stopped by. Here are a few things about me:

I have a natural weakness for chocolate, dresses and shoes

I like to do things with my hands, I knit and sew

I practice yoga

I like to travel, take pictures and learn new languages

I am obsessed with good food (delicious, not necessarily healthy)

I live in London but am in love with New York

I cry at films. A lot!

I got engaged in July 2010 in Ibiza

As a child I wanted to be a film director or an actress. I now work as an SEO.

I am available for freelance web design, SEO and general creative consulting work.

You are more than welcome to contact me about anything on stela.y at

4 thoughts on “Meet Prettily

  1. Hi, Steli,
    I’m far from just being happy to find your blog out of the blue. Prettily? Seriously? You have found the most exhausting word to title your blog and to reveal your delicate personality! I love it.
    Keep on, the world needs people like you.

    • Hey Peter, I got them from Bulgaria around Easter last year, not sure where you are based but in the UK, I guess you can check in Turkish or Greek shops