Make Up Lessons

Make Up Essentials

I am a sucker for make up but total rubbish at it! Yes, I did make it to 30+ and I still don’t know how to properly apply eye shadow or an eye liner. My lovely friend Emily was nice enough to show me some tricks when she visited us this Christmas. She did a prolonged tutorial, applying a really nice style make up, but frankly I am not sure I can recreate her instructions.
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Nail It!

Revlon Nail Polish

I have a nail obsession. I love pretty done nails. Not some extravagant nail art, but stylish and elegant with discrete yet fashionable nail polish.
For a few years I suffered from severely brittle nails. My nails were constantly breaking and splitting, it was impossible to grow them to achieve a decent manicure. And to hide the damage on them I used to put dark nail polish, either red, purple or burgundy. I was trying anything I could think of to cure my nails, I took vitamins, I used some expensive nail repair products, but nothing seemed to help.
Then I decided to change my entire nail care routine. I started using acetone free nail polish remover and instead of nail cream I started massaging my nails with olive oil. I did not notice much change for a month at least.
Then, however, I was lucky to discover the amazing beauty benefits of argan oil.
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Dolly Dare

Dolly Dare is a wonderful shop in Spitalfields Market which sells the most beautiful party dresses in the whole of London. When I first discovered it I was stunned by the fashion and totally fell in love with Dolly Dare style, so I thought they totally deserve a write up.
A shop of unique party dresses which you just have to own!
Here are a few photos.

Dolly Dare Spitalfields
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Clinique Airbrush Concealer Review

My Rating: ★★★★★

Clinique Airbrush Concealer

I have been using it for way to long so thought I’d share a review.
When I first discovered that I have to take extra care for my under-eye dark circles, I had never used any make up apart from lipstick, and had no idea what product to buy to help me hide my under-eye fatigue. Having very poor knowledge in what’s what in the make up world, I bought a foundation. At first I thought it does well, but after a few weeks I realised it looks very unnatural, makes my under-eye area look pale and my eyes felt tired and watery. Then a friend told me I had bought the wrong product, a product I should never use for eye circles!
After that I tried a couple of corrector sticks which were cheap beauty products and as rule has it you get what you pay for. They also look unnatural, wipe off very easily and feel sticky. That was when I walked into a big Boots store, stopped on the first stand (which happened to be Clinique) and spent £11 on a tiny eye concealer stick.
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