Knitting Pattern: Baby Hat, Mittens & Booties Set

Baby Knit Hat, Mittens & Booties

Before becoming a mum I was always a bit irritated at other mums for becoming so obsessed with their babies. Come on, there is another life out there!
But here I am! No exception to the rule! My conversations are always about my little Maya, baby feeding, nappy changing, baby colic, etc. All boring housekeeping stuff, I know. But I can’t help it! And speaking of being a mum, here is a knitting pattern for a newborn baby set!
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Heart Knitting Pattern

Knitted Heart Knitting Pattern

I have been working on a few knitting projects lately, however it looks like I will have to slow down a bit as my hands started to get really numb and hurt a lot, (pregnancy symptoms). I have a few patterns that I so want to share here on Prettily, but I might need to delay those posts.

In the light of St. Valentine’s I tried designing a few heart patterns and have come with some nice designs. So now I will share with you how to knit a simple heart shape that you can use for application and decoration on another knitting or sewing project.
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DIY Christmas Tree Decorations

How to make yarn pompom and use it as Christmas Tree Decorations

Pompom tutorial

Pompoms are great for decorations. They make such a difference when added to a knitted winter hat, but can also be used in many other decorating ways.
This year I made a few Christmas tree decorations using pompom technique and some left over yarn. Besides it is easy and such fun and you can play around with your imagination and yarn availability to achieve the desired finished look of your pompom.

I hope this step by step guide helps you to make your own pompoms for your Christmas tree.
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Baby Girl Hat & Poncho Knitting Pattern

Baby Girl Hat & Poncho Knitting Pattern

I recently finished a knitting project for a friend’s little baby girl. I made little Lilie a hat and a poncho to keep her warm in the cold months.
Both the hat and the poncho are fully knitted in the Lace Mash pattern and follow some simple finishing up instructions. I am a big fan of that pattern as it is easy to follow and has a pretty and elegant effect.
I definitely recommend beginners to give it a go especially if you’d like to challenge yourself with a lace pattern.
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