Baby Maya

Baby Maya

My beautiful daughter was born three weeks earlier than expected! After a rough pregnancy, insecurity, fear and gruelling few hours of labour holding her next to my skin was the total worth it experience! I would go over again through all the toughness for that moment!

I am trying to take pictures of her every day but she is not an easy one to be photographed! Here are some photos I have managed to sneak! Here is my lovely baby Maya!
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The Story Of The Red Dress & Red Shoes

Maternity Dress

This is not a maternity dress. You would be hard pressed to find a decent maternity clothing. Not to mention as pretty as this favourite dress of mine. It has a high waist line and is prefect to accommodate a pregnant tummy. I have been lucky enough to be able to wear it throughout my pregnancy. Since it has been a while since I last posted any outfits, you can imagine there is nothing exciting about maternity wear worth sharing, I thought it is high time I give this dress the praise it deserves! And the shoes! But I’ll come to those later.

I have a great obsession with dresses. I love them! There is something very feminine in wearing a dress!

A few years ago I was working in Richmond. Just by the station there is a Joy store. I doubt, but if you are no familiar with Joy I strongly recommend you go and check them out. The best dresses in town! Retro style, print, peter pan collar, whatever you fancy is in there. So one morning as I was headed to work I noticed this dress on the window.
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Hair Hydrate

L’Oreal Professional Thermo Repairing Mask Review

My Rating: ★★★★★

Hair Hydration

Now, I know L’Oreal Products have been reviewed hundreds of times and I am certainly late to the subject. But I would like to share some advice for mums-to-be who noticed dehydrated hair after getting pregnant. Some women are lucky and during pregnancy their hair goes a thick and shiny while others can suffer dehydration and damaged hair. Although I have always had oily hair and have used products accordingly, when I got pregnant I my hair went limp and thin and looked lifeless. It was so dehydrated that it was difficult to comb or run my fingers through my hair. And as I use hair dryer and a brush to achieve a nice shape, this routine made my hair even drier and more lifeless.

Many mummy related forums and websites advise that hair can get dehydrated and should be treated with good dry hair products in order to restore its shine and moisture. As I have been into luxury hair products for a while I knew what to look for so I turned to an old time favourite, the L’Oreal Professional Absolute Repair hair mask. I doubt there is a better product at such an acceptable price, £12, that would help in dealing with dehydration.

This time though I needed something else, too. My hair needed more aggressive treatment to be brought back to life and this time I decided to try a leave in hair treatment from the same L’Oreal Professional range.
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Warm Broccoli & Cauliflower Salad with Yoghurt Dressing

Warm broccoli salad

Here is yet another salad recipe! I have always been a big salad eater. There is no way a meal will go without a salad. Whether it is a Greek style salad, lettuce or any other kind it helps me digest my meals better.
Raw vegetables have been a real savour for me during the first trimester nausea period. That was what kept me alive and helped get some important nutrients and vitamins. I know many will scream at the thought of eating raw broccoli or cauliflower, but I developed that habit during the first 12 weeks of my pregnancy. For the sake of this recipe though, those vegetables will be slightly boiled. It is supposed to be a warm salad meal. But do have in mind – there is nothing wrong in eating them raw.
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Project Nursery

Baby Girl Pink Nursery

I love interior design! Back in the day I used to collect magazine clippings with pictures of houses building my dream house in my imagination. Today we have Pinterest and it is even easier to collect inspiration.
When I look at my boards on Pinterest for Home Interior I wonder: do I believe that one day I would move from our one bedroom flat to a fancy house with lots of rooms and space and I would have all the savings saved to give and decorate it in the most fancy way?
With a growing bump and a baby on its way, my newest interior obsession is baby nursery. Although my little one will have its own nursery corner in our bedroom to begin with, I can’t help but look at photos of beautiful interiors online for ideas and inspiration. I hope one day, sooner rather than later, I will decorate my baby’s own room. It’s amazing how interior design has evolved. As a golden rule, less is more, and today with less furniture you can actually store more stuff, while still allowing for more space and light. I am very fond of white colour interiors. Especially for babies, it is so clean, bright and relaxing.
Well, while I am dreaming and saving my pounds, here are some baby room inspiration.
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Pregnant Tummy Care with Cocoa Butter

Tummy Butter from Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Range

My Rating: ★★★★★

Tummy Butter Palmer's Cocoa Butter

When your tummy starts to stretch to make room for the little baby growing inside, skin can feel pretty painful or itchy. I remember at some point I had such strong aches caused by skin stretching that I got panicked something wrong might be going on and almost rushed into the hospital. Whatever it feels like one things is true – expanding tummies can leave stretch marks on the tummy skin! And no one wants that!
Creams and lotions against stretch marks may not always help prevent and get rid of them but they do soothe the skin and help with the itching and the ache.
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Beetroot & Mackerel Salad

Beetroot & Mackerel Salad

A few years ago I wrote a recipe for a Beetroot and Mayonnaise salad. It is one of my favourite starters and has also made me fall in love with beetroot and all its healthy benefits.

Since I got pregnant I’ve been trying to eat a lot of beetroot as a part of a healthy pregnancy menu and have researched a lot of other recipes with beetroot. I recently found a few recipes for a salad with beetroot and mackerel. Fish can be a bit tricky during pregnancy, however mackerel is generally safe as a source of protein and omega 3.

The following recipe is slightly adapted for my taste. It is a warm salad with boiled potatoes and grilled mackerel.
It is great for a healthy lunch and is convenient to be carried in a food box to work.

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