Cow 038 Gate Fruit Pouches

Baby feed discussions are very common between mums. I am asked all the time what does Maya eat and how I am managing her diet. Truth is she has been pretty much only on breast milk. Every now and then I have tried giving her water or freshly squeezed fruit juice only to be confronted by a face expression of total disgust. But as she is approaching six months now, it is not too early to introduce fruit and veg puree in her menu.

A few weeks ago I was sent an exclusive box of the new range of fruit pouches by Cow & Gate to try.

Cow & Gate Fruit Pouches
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Summer 8217;13

Maya in the park

The last six weeks or so were mainly about having a good rest and spending more time with my little Maya. I took a long break from the online world which was exactly what I needed. Doing pretty much nothing and absolutely loving it. We had a lovely summer holiday with my parents at my home town. Every morning I would have coffee and breakfast, then feed Maya and we would go to the park for a morning picnic. Then we would go back home for lunch and afternoon nap before we head off to the park for an evening walk. We have also enjoyed a number of short road trips to beautiful countryside areas, organic home grown fruit and veg, children birthday parties, new friends and family gatherings.
Maya has grown so much during this time. She loved everything about our time together in Bulgaria, although the hot weather was a bit of a pain.
Now we are in a exciting preparation for my sister-in-law wedding and our long trip to our new home in America. It’s all so crazy!
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And The Winner Is…

I ran a short competition with the lovely people at LittleUs Dolls for the last two weeks. The competition ended today and it is now time to announce the winner.

Congratulations to Emma Clement from Emma in Bromley who will get a doll of her choice from the lovely Little Us Dolls range. I will be contacting Emma shortly and her price would be on its way to her in no time!

Thanks to all who entered! I had such fun hosting a competition and I am looking forward to running a lot more giveaways here on Prettily!

Little us Dolls Giveaway


Little Us Dolls

Since my daughter was born my daily habits, likings and routines have changed a lot. I find myself talking baby language and singing songs at bedtime rather than watching a movie and I am much more excited to buy a Winnie the Pooh soft toy than a Glastonbury ticket or a new pair of shoes.

As a new mum, I have teamed up with the lovely guys at LittleUs Dolls to run a competition to give away one of their beautiful dolls to one lucky reader.

Here is a little more about LittleUs Dolls:
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How Cute Are These Baby Moccasins

baby hand made leather moccasins

I recently had to pleasure to meet a lovely girl, Magdalena Vque of Walk Unique, who makes beautiful baby shoes and moccasins. She needed a baby model and a photographer enthusiasts, both of which I was able to offer: Maya as the baby photographer and myself as the enthusiast. She needed new photographs of her lovely shoes and as I love styling and photographing, I happily agreed to help her. We met at Hammersmith riverside which is one of my favourite London locations in the summer. And we spent a few hours taking pictures. I am not a professional stylist or photographer but I think I did well. Magdalena is pretty good at that herself so I think we ended up with some beautiful shots.

Walk Unique moccasins are made of soft real leather and are designed and hand crafted by Magdalena in her London flat. She sells them on Etsy as well as a number of other online portals.

As a strong supporter of the handmade I urge you to check Magdalena’s shop and like Walk Unique on Facebook.
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Mamas 038 Papas Moove Travel System

Mamas & Papas Travel System

I have used the Mamas & Papas Moove Travel System for a while now so I thought I’d give it a review.

We went shopping for a pram two weeks before baby was born. We had to act fast. This made shopping quite a frustrating and daunting task. Pushchairs were either too expensive or did not include everything we needed or simply did not look nice.

Mamas & Papas is an expensive place to buy baby products, as nice as they are. So I never considered it an option. However on my last day at work before leaving on maternity, my wonderful work mates gave me a nice Mamas & Papas voucher as a gift. So it was spent accordingly and added up towards the pram price. The Moove Package which we ended up buying includes a pushchair, foot muff, changing bag, parasol and rain cover in a nice poppy red colour. It is travel system compatible with a matching car seat and adaptors which we also purchased.
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