Weekend Links

Weekend Links

I missed this last week. Last week was a crazy one and not only I did not find the time to do this weekly post, I didn’t have much time reading and browising stuff online, so I had nothing much to share. But hope you enjoy this week’s links and have a great weekend!

I love face masks! From home made to high end super expensive brands to cheaper alternatives, I believe face masks can change our skin in a couple of minutes. Lisa Eldridge talks about face masks in this video

And more face masks! I wouldn’t mind an organic rose hip powder!

I went to a fantastic blogger event last week. It was organized by The Mile High Mama blog and sponsored by Soybu. Check them out! They’ve got really cool Yoga outfits. I can’t wait to share the one that I bought.

The story behind the WhatsApp CEO has been all over tech blogs recently. It sure is an inspiring one!

A 4 year old fashionista creates frocks out of paper! You really need to see this!

Get some advice on how to create images and not just take pictures.

I am in love with this dress!

DIY waterfall braided bun! If you have long hair you might want to try this hair style.

A book bed? I want one!

Weekend Links

Heart Shape in a Coffee Cup

Happy Valentine’s Day to all! Here are a few interesting things I’ve found on the web this week and thought I’d share! Hope everyone is having a great Valentine’s Day and a great weekend!

If you want to surprise your hubby this evening you might want to try these strawberry grapefruit mimosas

If you want some inspiration for a great place to propose to your girlfriend get started with this list of Top 10 Romantic Travel Experiences.

Need honeymoon ideas? Here is one! Zansibar

This week I started my photo blog, (I don’t want to call it photography). I’d share photos of my sweet girl and photos of other babies that I get the chance to take. Take a look at My Precious.

The reality behind Instagram feed This is a damn good article. It is equally funny, clever and a little sad being true.

Are you scared of flying? I am! Terrified even! Well, this true story by travel blogger Nomadic Matt doesn’t really help! This Is What Happened When My Airplane Depressurized And Dropped 20,000 Feet

Love this dress!

Very insteresting on parenting!

And for a great ending here is an article written a few years ago which I had the opportunity to hear read live at a conference by the author himself. It is so well written and such a great and thought provoking story I keep reading and reading it over and over again. Makes only sense to share with you! There is a horse in the Apple store

Weekend Links


OK, here it is. My long planned weekly post to share things I’ve loved in the web during the past week. I hope to keep it up. Every week, every Friday! Hope you find something useful.

I’ve watched so many smokey eyes look for inspiration but this Classic smokey eye tutorial from the top British makeup artist Lisa Eldridge totally got me hooked. It’s easy, classy and gives a simple but elegant look.

My favourite Etsy Shop! I love these jewellery pieces! This girl is seriously talanted, I’m sure you’ll find something for yourself. I bought a bracelet this week and I will share more about it later. For now take a look at the whole stunning collection.

This post reminded me of the time when Maya was a newborn and I had no idea what to do. All the sleepless nights and all the consequences from them and all the embarrassing moments I had! I’m sure lots of mums can relate.

I am currently reading this book by a lovely girl whom I had the pleasure to work with

Interesting read – Breastfeeding is required by law in UAE

Recipe for a clam chowder? Yes Please!

I want this eyeshadow pallette from MAC to get me ready for spring

This dress is going to make me stand out with this dress and these shoes for that matter!

I think I want to see this film!

A lovely lady who, like me, recently moved across continent, mother of three boys who talks about what it is to be an older brother!

And finally, if you live in Denver I suggest you regularly check the Good Will Denver events page for any fundraising events coming up!

On Falling Over Your Dream

(this will contradict with my previous post, but I need to get it out)

Sunset in Denver

The second week of the New Year is almost gone and I have been staring at the blank page on my screen for the last few nights trying to complete something meaningful and get this blog going in 2014. But I don’t end up with anything amazing and I close the laptop and snuggle in my duvet.
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The Best is Yet to Come

A boat in the ocean

We have already taken down all the festive decorations, the Christmas tree, the lights. Apart from the presents that we gave each other, nothing is left to remind us of the holiday cheer.
The year gone has been the most dynamic and eventful year thus far for me and my family. So many things happened in such a short time that I am still in a process of adjustment with all the big changes.

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Happy Easter Weekend

Easter Baby Dress

I can’t believe we are already through to Easter holidays! It is not surprising considering the weather here in London is so cold that it feels like Christmas rather than Spring.

I am stuck in my flat with a beautiful newborn baby who keeps me awake 24/7 with no time to make myself a cup of tea, not to mention taking care of my little blog. I would share photos and news on my loveliest daughter soon. Now I just want to wish everyone a very Happy Easter and share some links which I have found in a desperate attempt to stay awake at 2, 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning!
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Unique Handmade Jewellery by Emmielous Handmades

Tree of Life Green Shell Bead Pendant

Here is another write-up of a favourite Etsy shop of mine.

Emmielous Handmades is a unique jewellery shop owned by Emma Clowes. She makes wonderful jewellery pieces to compliment any outfit. I am very fond of her Three of Life collection, a series of beautiful necklaces depicting the form of a tree. Here are some pictures to inspire you and make you head over to her shop!
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Valentine For Him

Cheers for February and St. Valentine’s Day!

I can’t believe one month of 2013 is already gone! January is a blue month. It’s cold and carries the post holiday blues. For me it was challenging with some tough pregnancy issues yet filled with some lovely moments. But I’m happy February is here. It is the shortest month after which you can sense that spring is just around the corner.

And St. Valentine’s is just 14 days away. Not that I am a fan of St. Valentine’s. For people in love every day should be St. Valentine’s! But that’s a another story.

I’ve been looking at Etsy a lot lately.One of my New Year’s resolutions is to go back selling on Etsy. It is an incredible place. So many talented people and so many pretty handmade things, it is very engaging and I could well spend hours looking through the site. And while I was digging through the pretty handmade community I created a treasury list with Valentine gifts for men. I am so tempted to get one of these pieces for my hubby!

Here are some of my top favourites!

Driftwood Boat Home Decoration

Driftwood Boat Home Decoration by Yalos

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