Good Bye London….


I don’t know for how long I’ll be gone but it’s a fact. I shipped my possessions. I cancelled my bills. I transferred my money. (Not that I have much of any of those.) The remnants of my life are in a suitcase of 23 kg allowance.

I have a one way ticket to Bulgaria later today and a one way ticket to Denver, CO in September. We are moving to America!

This change in our lives is a longed awaited adventure which comes in a slightly inappropriate time. And yet I am so ready and so excited to take on the new live that awaits us there.

London will be hugely missed but I hope to be coming back every now and then!

My Algarve

Albufeira Houses Door Knockers

Portugal has been on my “to-visit” list for a while. I have heard a lot about the local food, the great weather and the charm of its cities. Finally this year we made our holiday way to Albufeira, a charming little town in the heart of the Algarve area. It is the most southern region of Portugal and as lovely as it is, Algarve is a very popular destination among Britons and unfortunately has been turned into England…
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Walking in Lisbon

Lisbon electric in the Alfama district

There are a few cities, which have touched my heart in a way that has made me want to pack my suitcase at the very moment and move. While it was easy to predict that I will fall in love with Barcelona and Madrid, I never envisaged the effect Lisbon will have on me. And while for most European cities I had a list of places to see, I went to Lisbon completely unprepared. I knew nothing about its places of interest and I had no idea what I am going to do or see while there.
So we just went. We hired a car and drove the 300km from Albufeira to just stroll in the Portuguese capital. And sometimes, this is exactly the thing to do- wander aimlessly to experience and feel the atmosphere of a certain place.
Lisbon is a sunny, colourful place, full of charm and smiling people. The weather is nice, the food is nice, and frankly there is nothing that isn’t nice about Lisbon.
For those, who would like to know a few things before heading to Lisbon, here is what I picked up while there.
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Last weekend saw tons of celebrations in London for Queen Elizabeth’s diamond jubilee. We were blessed with a four-day weekend and cursed with cold and wet weather is if it isn’t June already but January. It must have been unforgettable being in London especially if you were lucky enough to see the Queen herself or get a sneak of Kate and her gorgeous Alexander McQueen dress. However, we chose to retire to the coast of Pembrokeshire, in Wales. Although the weather stayed true to its British-ness, the region is very beautiful with amazing views, sandy beaches and lots to see and do. We did mountain biking, walked on the beaches of Tenby and Saundersfoot and took tons of beautiful photographs.

Saundersfoot beach

Saundersfoot Beach

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Bulgaria: Days 1, 2 and 3

I left London with my skiing jacket on to land in a hot and sticky 26 degrees Sofia. After I met my parents at the airport we drove off to the city of Troyan where we stayed for two nights in a spa hotel. The region is famous for its mountains, fresh air and pretty crafts. Here is what life was like the first few days of my trip in photos.

Beef Soup

Trip starts with a beef soup

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