Knitting Pattern Festive Baby Ear Flap Hat


This was such a fun project that I am so thrilled to share the knitting pattern with you!

I am a big fan of ear flap hats! Especially for babies. Little ones look so adorbaly cute in such hats, it’s killing me!

A month ago I found some yarn in the local charity shop in pretty festive green and red colour. A blend of acrylic and wool, the prefect mixture for knitting – the wool keeps warm, while the acrylic keeps the knitted project soft. I knew from the start that I would use it for an ear flap hat for Maya to add to her Christmas outfit. The colours go perfectly together! I also use pompoms to decorate the hat, which I totally love to make!

This is such an easy pattern and great fun to work on it! I hope you’d enjoy it!

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Baby Girl Hat 038 Poncho Knitting Pattern

Baby Girl Hat & Poncho Knitting Pattern

I recently finished a knitting project for a friend’s little baby girl. I made little Lilie a hat and a poncho to keep her warm in the cold months.
Both the hat and the poncho are fully knitted in the Lace Mash pattern and follow some simple finishing up instructions. I am a big fan of that pattern as it is easy to follow and has a pretty and elegant effect.
I definitely recommend beginners to give it a go especially if you’d like to challenge yourself with a lace pattern.
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