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Butternut Squash Soup with Curry and Coconut Milk

Butternut Squash Soup

I’ve wanted to make a butternut squash soup for some time now! A few years ago a friend of mine had made a chicken and pumpkin cream soup as a starter for a Halloween party in her house in London. It was a cold and rainy evening, (as are most evenings in London, anyway) so a warm chicken and pumpkin soup was just the perfect fit. Since then I have been obsessed about cooking a soup like that but with a squash instead of a pumpkin. I have always preferred a squash, I find it juicier and with a richer taste.
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Vegetarian Bread Pizza

Bread Pizza

Before I left work to have Maya I had a very idealistic view on maternity. I thought I’d have plenty of time to do cooking, baking, knitting, all sorts of woman stuff that I actually enjoy instead of looking at sites’ source codes and excel sheets with keyword research. I thought I’d go out with other mums for coffee and play dates and I will basically blissfully enjoy life out of work. Well, reality bit me harshly the very first days I came out of hospital with a newborn baby. I was entirely on my own the very first day as my husband had to go back to work and I had no time to make myself coffee or drink water, not to mention cook or bake or knit or even go out!

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Recipe Easter Bread Rolls

Easter Bread Rolls Recipe

Last weekend was a bank holiday in London and it was also the Orthodox Easter. Last two years I have shared egg painting ideas here and here so now I am willing to share a very favourite recipe for a traditional Easter bread roll. The recipe is actually for a mini version of it in the form of sweet rolls with jam. It is super easy. Having said that, let me admit that it has been many years since I last baked those with my granny so this year’s attempt turned out to be a mini disaster. That is the rolls are supposed to look like tiny croissants,and as you can see pictured above I am nowhere near that shape. However the taste was just as good! Which is the main thing!

My Easter holiday was really pleasant. We painted eggs as usual and had a lovely picnic near Ham House which is my favourite picnic spot in London. We also did some mother and daughter photo shoot at home! Maya is growing and really enjoys being in her pram outside. And I seem to be settling into the role of a mother. I am enjoying spending my time with her a lot and getting to know each other.
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Cream of Lentil Soup

Lentil Soup Ingredients

For women who have been pregnant there is no need to explain the morning sickness period. It’s quite tough and for some it is even tougher. I wasn’t ready for that at all. I’ve heard stories of women being constantly sick but I had no idea what they really felt like.

When I started feeling nauseous I was scared. I wasn’t sure how bad it can get, how long it will last and how exactly it will affect me. In a week’s time I started to realise that my eating habits were changing, and they were changing drastically. I’ve never had carvings or anything, but there were certain things I could no longer face on my plate. The most significant change in my appetite was that I could no longer eat meat. I was turning into a vegetarian. Something very unusual for me as I have been a big meat-eater all my life.

But here it is. Meat is rarely a part of my meals these days.

So I started exploring new vegetarian recipes that I could easily cook at home.
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Filo Pastry Pumpkin Pie

Pumpkin Pie with Filo Pastry

The weather is freezing cold and children go around for their trick o treat. Winter is just around the corner, and as much as I don’t it to come, as much as I am looking forward to summer again, I love some of winter’s tastes: mulled wine, hot stews and of course pumpkin pies. Making pumpkin pie with filo pastry is very popular in my country, but not so much, if at all, here in England. Sometimes it is even hard to find filo pastry in the traditional groceries, so I usually shop for mine in local Turkish shops.

This weekend was a quiet one. London was full of Halloween parties, streets are crowed with witch hats, vampire make up and fancy dress costumes. People do their nails, lips, hair in the Halloween spirit. But the weather being as cold and grey as can be, we decided to stay at home. So to make some practical use of my time I thought it would be the perfect day to make pumpkin pie with filo pastry.

Here is a recipe, that is both easy and very tasty.
(please excuse my photos, I understand they are not great, but as mentioned twice! already the weather is grey, we live in a ground floor and both of these facts account for very bad lighting, this is the best I could do!)

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A Post to Catch up

With a Bonus: Russian Salad Recipe

Russian Salad

A few stories and product reviews are sitting in my drafts which I was planning to post on Prettily at some point during August. But August has been a crazy month. For the last three weeks I have been sick which has kept me in bed most of the time. It wasn’t a very exciting use of my time to either be photographed or acknowledged on my blog. A lot of projects have suffered including this lovely little site of mine so I needed a post to catch up.
One of my biggest sufferings during the past few weeks was my inability to eat properly. I wasn’t able to enjoy big portions of good food as I usually do and had to stick to salads, soups and row fruits. This however has inspired a few more posts to be lined up in my drafts to fill in Prettily’s recipe collection.
Now, however, I would like to share a recipe for one of my favourite starters, (it wasn’t a part of my sickness diet). Russian salad is a very popular dish in Bulgaria. I even feel silly posting a recipe as I am sure my Bulgarian friends know perfectly well how to prepare it. But for those of you who don’t know and would definitely want to try it here it is:
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Beetroot 038 Mayonnaise Salad

Beetroot Salad with Maynnaise

When I go to a restaurant and really like what I have ordered, later I will try to make it myself at home. A few years ago, while visiting my family in Bulgaria, my dad took me to a newly opened restaurant in my little home town. The restaurant occupied an early 90s old building with yellow walls from inside and outside and was decorated with burgundy curtains. A very pleasant and cosy place. Unfortunately, I think they have now closed it. But what is left from this place, is my love for beetroot salads, and beetroot in general. A beetroot salad with mayonnaise caught my attention while I was choosing a starter. It had dill and garlic and was very tasty.

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