No Pattern Baby Dress

DIY No Pattern Baby Dress

Since Maya was born I have been very keen to make her clothes myself. I have hand knitted a few things for her but time is never enough to do everything I have in my mind. She is a good baby but she is demanding as all babies are, and the time I can dedicate for crafts is limited.

Recently, as I was planning her Halloween costume, I ended up with a black and white striped dress with gently pleated skirt for her using no pattern, just some imagination and some of her clothing for measurements.

It is super easy and very quick to do. With some more thought and interesting fabric you can easily turn this dress into the perfect outfit for the coming festive season.
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The Story of The Red Dress 038 Red Shoes

Maternity Dress

This is not a maternity dress. You would be hard pressed to find a decent maternity clothing. Not to mention as pretty as this favourite dress of mine. It has a high waist line and is prefect to accommodate a pregnant tummy. I have been lucky enough to be able to wear it throughout my pregnancy. Since it has been a while since I last posted any outfits, you can imagine there is nothing exciting about maternity wear worth sharing, I thought it is high time I give this dress the praise it deserves! And the shoes! But I’ll come to those later.

I have a great obsession with dresses. I love them! There is something very feminine in wearing a dress!

A few years ago I was working in Richmond. Just by the station there is a Joy store. I doubt, but if you are no familiar with Joy I strongly recommend you go and check them out. The best dresses in town! Retro style, print, peter pan collar, whatever you fancy is in there. So one morning as I was headed to work I noticed this dress on the window.
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A Dress

Hand Made Drop Shoulder Dress

Making your own dresses is great! I have had many attempts of which only a few have resulted in a nice dress. Recently I finished a dress for my lovely (and very pretty!) friend Emily. It is a drop shoulder mid length dress which suits her perfectly. It is a two piece pattern designed from an old top and an available skirt pattern. We had such fun photographing it and I am pleased to share some photos of it with you!
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