Heart Knitting Pattern

Knitted Heart Knitting Pattern

I have been working on a few knitting projects lately, however it looks like I will have to slow down a bit as my hands started to get really numb and hurt a lot, (pregnancy symptoms). I have a few patterns that I so want to share here on Prettily, but I might need to delay those posts.

In the light of St. Valentine’s I tried designing a few heart patterns and have come with some nice designs. So now I will share with you how to knit a simple heart shape that you can use for application and decoration on another knitting or sewing project.
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Make Up Lessons

Make Up Essentials

I am a sucker for make up but total rubbish at it! Yes, I did make it to 30+ and I still don’t know how to properly apply eye shadow or an eye liner. My lovely friend Emily was nice enough to show me some tricks when she visited us this Christmas. She did a prolonged tutorial, applying a really nice style make up, but frankly I am not sure I can recreate her instructions.
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